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A Lesson Plan that presents Teaching Resources in Adjectives: Degrees of Comparison. This teaching resource will help the teachers to walk into the classroom with ready to teach confidence as it covers all that a teacher and a student need for a vocabulary lesson on Degrees of Comparison.

Learning Objectives:
* Define adjectives in different degrees of comparison.
* Examine the rules of using the degrees of comparison of the given adjective.
* Identify the degree of comparison of the adjectives used in writing.
* Demonstrate the use of degrees of comparison of adjectives in writing.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Verify the preliminary determination of the meaning of a word or phrase by checking the inferred meaning in context.
2. Use context (a word’s position or function in a sentence) as a clue to the meaning of an adjective.
3. Acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific adjectives; gather vocabulary knowledge when considering an adjective important to comprehension or expression.

This Resource Includes:
1. Well Formulated, Measurable, SMART Objectives and Outcomes
2. Vocabulary Overview – Positives, Comparatives, Superlatives
3. Flipped Lesson Part – Video – Adjectives: Degrees of Comparison
4. Engaging and Creative Lesson Starter – Describing Game
5. Success Criteria – Degrees of Comparison Checklist
6. Collaborative Group Tasks – Pair-Share, Shared Writing, Think-Write-Share
7. Scaffolder Notes – Degrees of Comparison Rules
8. Mini-Plenary with Critical Thinking Questions – 3 Online Quizzes
9. Assessment Criteria for Outcome Expectations – Rubrics
10. Differentiated Activities for Level Learners – Writing Task by Outcome
11. Extensions to Challenge the High Achievers – 5 Online Exercises
12. Plenary to Assess Learning Outcomes – Ten Questions
13. Home Learning for Reinforcement – 4 Worksheets
14. Common Core Standards – ELA-LITERACY.L.6-8.1/4ad/6
15. Skills to be addressed during the Lesson – Social and Cognitive

Teachers can use this lesson to give a complete knowledge and understanding of Positives, Comparatives, and Superlatives to the learners, thereby helping them to enhance their vocabulary knowledge of Adjectives.
For the PowerPoint Presentation of the same Lesson you may refer to:
Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:
✿ Early Finishers
✿ Tutoring
✿ Sub Tubs
✿ ESL Stations/Centres
✿ Holiday Work
✿ Small Group Collaborations
✿ End of Unit Quick Assessments
✿ Homework
✿ Reinforcement
✿ Enrichment


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John Harry D’Souza graduated from Bangalore University, who also holds Bachelor ‘s degree in Education (B.Ed.), Philosophy (B.Phil.), and Theology(B.Th.), has to his credit acquired 18 years of intense teaching and leadership experience in some of the leading institutions in India and the U.A.E. He is a teacher-author at TeachersPayTeacehrs, Tes, Educents, TeachersNotebook and his specialization really stands out for his unique share of resources and online content, as they include well-planned lesson presentations, carefully designed scaffolding notes, engaging and challenging task cards. He aims at bringing "tomorrow's lessons to today's classroom, and today's lessons to a classroom now". His expertise lies in the art of student-led classrooms which uniquely aim to comprehend and demonstrate the dynamism and complexity of contemporary global processes towards holistic teaching and learning. He has got other strings to the bow like music and talent for writing, as he has to his credit five vernacular devotional musical albums and a few publications. He has been always involved in progressive and creative education, upgrading and adapting to 21st century education with an alert eye on the fast-paced global environment especially in the context of the high-tech progress gathering momentum each day. He is a KHDA licensed teacher, currently serves as Data Manager at The Westminster School, Dubai (Gems Education).

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